Passage Planner and ECDIS back-up

Chart Track EASYNAV has been designed to allow mariners to plan routes with ease, which ensure the safety of the vessel, efficient navigation and the protection of the marine environment.

The software allows Digital ENC updates to be received, along with Piracy, AIO and weather updates, on the back of bridge which can be transferred to the ECDIS.

In addition, Easynav can be used as an emergency aid to navigation should the ECDIS fail.

Easynav is also available pre-installed on C-Tab, our tablet with military grade protective case. C-Tab offers ship crews the power to create fully comprehensive passage plans anywhere and at any time on the vessel. The user interface has been developed for full touch screen compatibility. Simple function keys and an advanced graphical design ensures an intuitive and user-friendly interface.Our Standard Folio Management service starts with a detailed inventory of charts and publications, including the current edition you hold on board. Once you’ve supplied us with this information, we’ll enter the details into a database specific to each of your vessels.

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Navigator with CTN+

Our ENC Viewer expansion for Navigator

Expand your Navigator experience with Navigator+ (CTN+), our ENC Viewer. The perfect tool for enhanced route planning with optional modules like weather, ECA & Marpol zones, Nav Areas and Passage Planning.

Navigator+ allows the user to view all the ENC’s they are licensed to use. Its user-friendly interface makes plotting unplanned deviations a job everyone will want to do. Keep ENC’s in the viewer up to date with the exported updates fromNavigator 3 Import routes from Navigator 3 or from your ECDIS and export Routes to Navigator 3 or to your ECDIS CTN+ updates its ADP overlay directly from your ADP program and comes with it's own integrated AENP Reader which is also updated with the exported updates from Navigator 3. Optional modules can be added: Weather information, ADP information, ECA & Marpol zones, Nav Areas and Passage Planning

Chart Track Navigator+ Brochure
Chart Track Navigator+ Weather Brochure