Marine Compliance

A maritime solution for offices and vessels which need to keep an up-to-date library of important rules and regulations.

Bogerd Martin teams up with MarineRegulations to assist your fleet with marine compliance!

MarineRegulations is a encyclopaedia containing all the regulations and the guidelines needed in the maritime industries.

  • One system for ships and ashore
  • Available in cloud and as app
  • Easy to setup
  • Minimal data usage

One system for ships and ashore

MarineRegulations offers you one system that can be used ashore as well on the ship
It allows your ashore office to:

  • Easy to manage access for fleet
  • Share documents from office to vessel
  • Set-up you own notifications
  • View of forthcoming legislation
  • Best in class search and filtering

As well as offering you following advantages on ship' side :

  • Offline access to documents
  • Updates automatically when online
  • Cybersecure
  • Compliant with IMO/Flag Carriage requirements
  • Quick to roll-out

Available as cloud and app solution

  • No installation required
  • Ready to go through the website
  • Company wide access with no additional steps
  • Documents saved in browser cache
  • Accessible on any device
  • Saved locally for offline access
  • Documents saved on the ships' network
  • Accessible from any on-board computer
  • Minimal data use
  • Simple and reliable solution for all vessels

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